Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekend Update

Lets see, it's saturday afternoon and I need to figure out which PDF / RPG Product I'm going to review next.  That's not so simple when your son is trying to drag your ass in to the Star Trek Online Open beta every free moment that you have.  I'm sure there is something I can catch up on.  Hmmm, I may need to do a quick spreadsheet just to organize what I have, what I have and haven't read, and what I have and haven't reviewed.

On the brewing side, I'm starting a Home Brewers Blog.  Gonna be slow at first but what the heck, everyone likes a good beer ;)  In the meantime, one more week of carbonation and then I start sticking some beer in the fridge to condition for a week or so.  All that and probably another 2 gallon batch will start brewing today or tomorrow.  Variety is the key...

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