Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Brewing Apprentice 101

So, over the weekend I bottled my beer.  The Red Ale will need to be filtered as it appears some hops and dead yeast made it to the bottles.  No biggie, its all good ;)  The Oktoberfest looks nice and clear.  Both seem to be carbing well, as the plastic bottles are firming up nicely.  It will all be ready in plenty of time for the Super Bowl... heh

A side note to yesterday's review.  The PDF is not very Kindle DX friendly.  The DX seems to have issues with PDFs that have multiple layers on the page... it tries to view each layer as a separate page.  I could go into the PDF with some editing software and take out the offending layers, but it looks damn fine using Adobe Reader.  Sumatra has some minor issues, but I've been finding the Sumatra has issues with just about all but the most basically laid out PDFs.  Minor quibble, and it probably only effects me :)


  1. Finally. The old comments form on your previous layout was busted and I could never comment. Love the blog!

  2. Go figure... heh

    If I hadn't inadvertently lost the previous template, this never would have happened ;)

    All things considered, I do prefer this to the old. Working comments form is a major plus tho'

  3. Hey there Erik I love the new layout. It is interesting that you are seeing the layout in layers. One of my steps is to flatten the pdf, thus stripping out the layers. Could you give me an idea of how many layers you are seeing and what you see on them when you get a chance?

  4. Yes, nice blog layout.

    Any chance of a chilled pipeline to Central PA for your Red Ale? Yum.

  5. Rusty: I get to N/E PA on a regular basis (Lake Wallenpaupak Area). I go about as far west as Scranton. So you have a trip ahead of you if you want some of the Red stuff ;)

    White Haired: After dinner I'll break out the DX and give a better explanation of it. As I said, it's perfect in Adobe... everything else is just gravy


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