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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Gary Con Day Zero - Setting up The Frog God

Today was spent setting up the Frog God booth here at Gary Con. There is a whole lota stuff here, so someone please buy it all - else we'll have to pack it up on Sunday ;)

Shook a lot of hands and caught up people I normally only see at NTRPG and the con doesn't officially kick off until tomorrow.

Expect lots of photos. Of course, many are on +Zach Glazar 's phone. Need to make that gnome work ;)

I'll try and follow up after dinner. If not, Day 1 of Gary Con is tomorrow. Woot!


  1. Day zero for us consists of hitting the bars in downtown LG!

  2. I hope you have a great time! I wish I could go to this one but life gets in the way.

  3. Look at that beautiful Northlands Saga sitting up front like the jewel that it is.

  4. Rappan Athuk <3 That dark stack of beautiful, player-grinding evil.

  5. You need roadies. Guys from Motorhead are available . . .


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