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Monday, November 28, 2016

Astonishing Sorcerers & Swordsmen of Hyperboria - Original Boxed Set - $40

From +Jeff Talanian 's announcement:

The original boxed set for AS&SH is nearly sold out! Our supplies for this set are limited, and they have been moving quick since Friday. This is the cheapest you will ever get this award-nominated RPG! Only $40! (normally $50) Limit two per customer, while supplies last. Today is the LAST DAY!


  1. Sometimes I hate living in Europe. $55 for shipping. Seems I'll never get my hands on this box :(

  2. That's cheap...
    I bought mine through ebay in 2015 ... and paid $51 plus s&h ...
    Though my copy was preowned by by David Arneson and sold by Collectors Trove :-)


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