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Friday, July 22, 2016

Kickstarter - Battlegrounds virtual tabletop Content Drive #1 (Redux)

A short history of my background with Battlegrounds. There was a time period where I was experimenting with, what were then, the main Virtual Table Tops. Klooge, Maptools, Fantasy Grounds and Battlegrounds. At the time, the developer / publisher that was most responsive to feedback / questions sent directly was +Hernán Ruiz Camauër - the man behind Battlegrounds.

In the end, I got use out of none of the above, as I was putting the tool before the group - I didn't have a gaming group at the time.

Still, Battlegrounds was a tight little VTT, and the fact that you could set it up to run board games / war games and the like was and still is, awesome. I really should spend the time to kick the tires on this one now that I'm retired.

So, what does the Kickstarter for Batlegrounds Content Drive #1 strive to do? In the simplest terms, it wants to bring some of Devin Knight's tokens into Battlegrounds as content. If successful, there would be more such drives for content from other artists.

You can also pick up a license for the Battlegrounds RPG GM client at a discount via the Kickstarter. Unlike Roll20, it does not use your web browser.

Yeah, I may need to use this summer gaming downtime to re-explore Battlegrounds. It may be what my gaming group needs, and i do have a GM license with a number of floating clients in my name.


  1. I would like to try it too. I hear it's very, very good for GURPS, and has a nifty feature where you can pre-set different tokens for different postures in a very easy way. So you can have a 1-hex token for standing, and 2-hex for prone.

    1. Oh, and I backed it for $100, because as you say, Hernan is responsive and the product looks cool. And I have lots of Devin's tokens already.

    2. Indeed, you can actually see that feature in use in the KS project video. There's a scene in an alley where a guy turns into a werebear in three steps, and on the last step, the size of the figure's base changes to account for the larger creature.

  2. Tenkar, very cool that you incorporated the animated GIF in your post.