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Saturday, August 29, 2015

White Star "Proof" in Hand - Auction Monies Going to Jim Ward's Medical Bills

I won the auction for the marked up soft cover proof copy of +James Spahn 's White Star (it was for a damn good cause, and my $250 bid along with my matching The Tavern's Community Donations at $250 hopefully has helped Jim Ward with his medical bills. You can still donate here )

The above copy was waiting when Rach and I returned from our visit to the Finback Brewery (yumm!)

How do I know it's authentic? The ever faint smell of pipe tobacco ;)

This one is going up on the display shelf shortly. The moment the POD is live I'll be buying a hardcover for use at the game table.


  1. Any idea when the POD version is going on sale? Mr. Spahn has been saying "soon" for a few months now. I'm eager to throw more of my money his way. =)



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