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Sunday, May 18, 2014

You Can Go Home Again - Gathering of Fools 2014

Saturday afternoon through evening was the annual sprint Gathering of Fools. It's when my old gaming group from high school, college and beyond (at least until March of 1997). We do aim for more than once a year, but the springtime is sacred - we gather to remember out friend Paul, who we lost when the Towers came down.

I gave away copies of Hackmaster Basic and Scarlet Heroes AND got a commitment from 3 of the 5 in attendance to aim towards a once a month Roll20 Hangout session. Sure, it's the guys without kids that agreed, but hopefully the ones with kids will find a more immediate use for the Scarlet Heroes ruleset.

It was a good time, with good beer and good food and general shenanigans. Isn't shenanigans one of the best reasons to game?


  1. Is that Jerod from Storage Wars?

    1. Heh!

      But no...

      My group all took white collar jobs - I'm the only blue collar in the group ;)


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