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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"The Perilous Forge of the Ghoul Farm" - The Seeds of Inspiration are Sprouting!

I've broken out the D30 Sandbox Companion and The Tome of Adventure Design and I'm using them in tandem for inspiration for the S&W Adventure I want to run as a pick up game at NTRPG Con.

I'm really enjoying the results thus far:

The party will receive a message from one of their patrons, requesting that they stop a villain amassing power (D30 SB AG1, AG2). To do so, they'll need to stop a ritual (D30 SB AG3). The patron is a sinful Priest (ToAD 1-8), which will certainly add some... complications.

To do that, they will need to brave The Perilous Forge of the Ghoul Farm (ToAD 1-1B Columns 1, 2 and 1-2 Columns 1, 2).

Amazingly enough, thanks to +Jim Magnusson , I already know what the villain and the forge look like.

I do love it when a plan starts to come together. :)


  1. So you are reusing art now Eric? How very TSR of you.

    Ha ha

    1. may as well, as it certainly fits the theme.

      cranky as always I see. refused service at The Tavern again? ;)

    2. Getting ready to head into work always makes me cranky.

      The good news is I have a Sam Adams Summer 12 pack to comfort me when I get home later.

      Really liking the Blueberry Hill Lager, though it is somewhat fruitier than I normally prefer.

    3. got my beer of the month shipment today - just had a Sly Fox Weisse (very nice)

      I need to start another batch of Cooper's homebew this weekend before temperatures get too high

    4. I get the kits from Midwest supplies. They all fantastic, especially with White Labs pitchable yeasts.

      They have a kit of the month club to compliment your beer of the month!

    5. I'm on their mailing list.

      I ordered some "Grolsch Style" bottles from them a few years back

    6. Try one of their kits. You won't be disappointed....unless you spit in the fermenter....or don't sterilize....or burn the wort.......

      And I love the White labs yeasts. No prep, lots of variety, never had a batch get stuck. The yeast varieties really seem to bring out different styles well.


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