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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Final "Fight On!" # 14 for Sale on Lulu

Fight On! is a snapshot of the OSR. Grab any issue and is just bleeds Old School and passions about gaming.

Issue #14 will be the last one unless things have changed (Edit: an Issue # 15 is apparently planned)

I look forward to reading the latest and the greatest of the Fight On! releases.

Print - $9.99    PDF - $4.99


  1. Fight On! if anything exemplifies best in OSR.

  2. Where did you see there was a 15 in the works. The main site doesn't have any updates that I saw.

    1. There's a discussion category at Original D&D Proboards:


      I think it's actually the best old school magazine ever (and I'm counting Strategic Review and The Dragon). Each issue has a huge amount of interesting and usable content. I'm sorry that #15 will probably be the last one.

  3. Is there a new website for Fight On! ?
    http://www.fightonmagazine.com/ is still at 13..

  4. Thanks for the shout out, Tenkar!

    We are going to go through issue 16 at least, plus the tables book, so who knows. I had some issues to work out in my personal life. We've got more Fight On! in us though.

    fightonmagazine.com is updated now and we are hard at work on #15.


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