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Sunday, June 16, 2013

An Interesting Old School Kickstarter - Whisper & Venom (Old School Styled Setting / Adventure / Minis in a Box)

I find Whisper & Venom to be a very tempting Kickstarter.

It's got all the things that tempt me - an old school setting, and old school adventure, mini and a box. There really is something to be said about boxed sets.

So yes, I'm very tempted even tho' I probably already have more minis then I'll ever attempt to paint in a lifetime (assuming my Reaper Minis ever arrive - sigh).

See, this is the quote that gets me really hopeful:
We wanted to make the single best fantasy role-playing game product possible. One that was designed with old-school role-playing games in mind but interesting and exciting for any fantasy role-playing system.
The problem is that $75 is the sweet point to get all of the stretch goal, many of which have been met.

At the current stretch goal, you get:

A Guide to Whisper Vale

The Whisper & Venom Adventure Sourcebook

an 11" x 17" two sided map

a set of dice

10 minis

oh, and a PDF copy of the adventure and setting.

Did I mention the Jeff Dee art?

It's not a bad price point but I have some much money tied up in Kickstarter RPG promises.

Eh, maybe I'll ask for it as a birthday present ;)


  1. Speaking of Reaper, I got an email the other day checking if my Address was still accurate and stating that shipping would happen shortly. I take this as a good sign. Sadly they would be better off shipping to someone else as I don't return to Canada until late August, and I'd be surprised if I have time to paint even then...

  2. Marked to remind me closer to project end. Doesn't pull me as hard as it pulls you, I guess.

  3. Miniature painting can be time consuming. If you get into the Army Painter method it can go quite a bit faster.

  4. Hi, I am Zach Glazar, the author of Whisper & Venom and the project creator. Thank you for being tempted by my project, I am actually quite flattered as I was a frequent reader before my life become non-stop gnome.

    I can assure you of one thing...you and your readers are my target audience. I know this because it was the love of the older systems that brought me back into the hobby a few years ago and the community of bloggers in the OSR helped solidify what it was I loved about RPGs and what I felt was missing (or deeply buried) in the endless lists of feats, powers and combos I would see when browsing newer systems.

    Whisper & Venom is my personal attempt to give something back to the OSR and everyone in it. I can assure you it is not a for profit project. How do I know it isn't? Because its already paid for and the 'sunk' costs are just that- sunk. I wanted to create and make available the most deluxe boxed set at the most reasonable price that included everything I love about RPG accessories.

    For me everything I love includes modules, pen & ink illustrations and hand drawn maps and minis. Loving something unfortunately doesn't give me the talent to do it (would that it did) so I spent a great deal of time contacting the best freelancers I could find and, importantly, who had the time available to accept a commission. Jeff Dee, Alyssa Faden and Lloyd Metcalf have all done the visual aspects of Whisper & Venom so well that I am honored just to have 'been on the team' as it were. I preferred to give them maximum levity to make their art using simple guidelines from me and seeing what they came up with. I think it was certainly the right decision.

    I could go on and on about the miniatures, dice and the input I have had from so many others that helped shape both the game and the components that it would just be easier to cast a Boredom 6' radius spell and save you the time.

    I will say this...we are currently less than 1000 to the next stretch goal and barring a complete collapse in funding we should hit many more comfortably in the next 16 days. As I said, the inputs are all paid for, and it would be a shame not to use them. So the distance between each stretch goal isn't going to change much until I run out of paid for sculpts of which I have many many more than you see on the page.

    Plus, the box is over 2.5" deep for a very good reason : )

    Thanks for looking at Whisper & Venom and thanks for the blog I have enjoyed it many, many times...

    Zach Glazar
    Lesser Gnome


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