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Friday, June 22, 2012

Got Some Game Time in With My Old Gaming Group Tonight

Yep, after dinner and beers and such we go in about 2 hrs of play - playing pool that is ;)

We try to get together multiple times a year, but a "Gathering of Fools" HAS to happen in June. Our friend Paul, who we lost on 9-11 when the Towers fell, had his birthday in June.  We gather in his memory.  Usually, we do it on a weekend, but most of us being 40ish and married with kids doesn't lend itself to easy scheduling.

Still, tonight was an excellent time.  Lots of catching up, joking around, heck - even got my last wedding present (thanks Dave ;)

It's nice to know that even if we don't get the chance to game (although that may be changing with G+ Hangouts - logistics of scheduling is the issue as always) this little blog helps keep them connected to the gaming world. Makes me feel or warm inside - or that may be the booze from earlier ;)

Oh, BTW, keep an eye out tomorrow for a contest post. It should be fun (and rewarding to whoever wins of course ;)

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