Thursday, June 20, 2024

Kickstarter - Castles & Crusades Reforged

When I returned to tabletop RPGs in the early aughts, I found Castles & Crusades on Buy.com for 10 bucks, and I have been fascinated with it ever since. It feels very much like AD&D 1e, but built with the 3x engine.

In response to the great OGL fiasco of 2022, Troll Lord Games has decided to rewrite Castles & Crusades without referring to the SRD or the OGL. Thus we have Castles & Crusades Reforged Kickstarter.

Castles & Crusades is a TTRPG that focuses on imaginative gameplay, allowing everyone in the gaming community to utilize whatever play styles they desire. NOW with revised non-OGL content.

Its primary purpose is to give those who play the game an adaptable, responsive, easy to use mechanic that does not force any one style of play on the participants, and which does not restrict any playing style. 

The system was designed to be rules light, allowing new players to learn the system in under 15 minutes and make their characters in the same space of time. 

To achieve this, a simple and logical attribute check system, the SIEGE Engine, was created. By downplaying the role of rules in the game, it encourages imaginative play, unrestricted by predetermined rule sets.

Castles & Crusades was first created in 2003/2004 and debuted in Christmas of that '04. It was the first to use a simple attribute based system as its key mechanic. It predated and in many ways sparked the OSR publications that followed and heavily influenced D&D 5th edition. The core of this game has remained unchanged but for minor edits and a few revision. It has played the same all these years. Now with the revised non-OGL content, though it plays the same, even faster!

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