Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Kickstarter - The Ruins of Ordane: D&D 5E / OSR / AD&D / B/X Adventure

Explore a ruined city of an advanced civilization that met its doom: with a touch of Barrier Peaks meets Call of Cthulhu.

I'm always a fan of dark fantasy. Mix a little Call of Cthulhu into what is otherwise standard fantasy, and you usually level up to a deeper, more entertaining adventure. Looking at The Ruins of Ordane Kickstarter, it hits this sweet spot with just enough weirdness to make it special. The fact that it is encounter-based and not linear (which happens all too often in published RPG adventures) is simply icing on the cake.

The Ruins of Ordane is an OSR and 5E one-shot (or sandbox) for characters of levels 6-10. Elements of the adventure hearken back to Expedition to the Barrier Peaks and Call of Cthulhu, but injected with a bit of weird and whimsy, ala Jack Vance. 

This 25-30 page adventure will include:

  • 12+ encounter locations within and below the ancient, ruined city of Ordane.
  • Multiple brand-new monsters, including the elder sentry and primal shoggoth.
  • Numerous new magical items, including the death orb and urn of Katir.
  • Numerous Charts and Tables, to help ensure the party has an opportunity to unearth useful information, including:
  • Events
  • 6+ Random Encounters while exploring the city
  • Discoveries
  • Ordanian Artifacts, including the inferno blaster and hypnosis cube

Lore connected with the world, including numerous tie-ins with past adventures and adventures to come. Have your PCs done business with Ralamir of Veros? This may come in handy. Did they encounter the Mudlicker goblins in Witch of Chimney Rock? If so, they may have an advantage in Ordane.

Spectacular Art from Simon Underwood.

Multiple maps, including a regional map of the area and encounter maps within Ordane by the excellent Silver Compass Maps.


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