Saturday, May 11, 2024

Humble Bundle - Cypher System

Cypher is Monte Cook's house system. I have no experience with it, but I understand it is fairly popular. Part of this bundle is The City of Ptolus, written for 3e but easily converted to the system of your choice. I may pull the trigger for the various Ptolus products alone.

Looking for your new favorite tabletop RPG? This bundle is your ticket to the fast-running, easy-to-learn, and infinitely adaptable Cypher System, created by the famed RPG scribe Monte Cook! Whether your tastes run from hard Expanse-style sci-fi to whimsical Princess Bride-flavored fantasy to anything in between, the Cypher System is your gateway to infinite TTRPG possibilities. This bundle includes the core Cypher System Rulebook, and dozens of adventures, supplements, digital game aids, and more. Treat your players to Ptolus, Monte Cook’s beloved setting sourcebook clocking in at over 900 pages. Create your own Cypher System post-apocalyptic setting with Rust and Redemption.


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