Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Announcing Blades & Sorcery Light (OSR)

Folks have been asking me about the status of SWL for years. Well, SWL is now Blades & Sorcery Light, or BS Light (BSL).

We've got plans!


  1. I look forward to your BS... Light.

    1. I laughed way too hard at this...

    2. We have lots of BS planned for the future. Blades & Sorcery is Basic & Simple, but also Deep & Detailed as it grows. Enjoy the BS ;)

    3. I swear you guys are trying to see me choke on my coffee so me and all this BS gets carried out in an ambulance...

  2. Hey, cool! I wondered where this stood. I'll bet there's a whole crew of folks ready to get the word out.

  3. (Btw...I like the name as a throwback to the game's roots...even though, if anyone else is like me and did a quick search to see if there is any other S&W-like work out there under the B&S name, you're also now aware that there is apparently a very popular video game called Blade & Sorcery.)


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