Friday, May 17, 2024

Bundle of Holding - Wyrd Breach

Some games look interesting simply for the default setting. The Wyrd Breach Bundle is in that category. I'm not sure I'd play the system, but I may snag it at this price for inspiration.

Fated one! We've resurrected our November 2021 Wyrd Breach Bundle featuring the Through the Breach Lovecraftian-Wild West-steampunk tabletop roleplaying game based on the Malifaux miniatures game from Wyrd Games. In the magic-saturated parallel world of Malifaux, you take on the roles of unique Fated citizens such as Gunfighters, Drudges, Dabblers, and Entertainers. Your destiny, or Fate, is created during character creation, and it affects every aspect of your life. As the game progresses, the destinies of the Fated entwine, driving you all inexorably toward a final reckoning. Will you fall to Fate, or cheat it?

This revived offer once again gives you five Expansion Books and many adventures. For just US$17.95 you get all five titles in this revived offer's Starter Collection (retail value $100) as DRM-free ebooks, including the complete, full-color 412-page Through the Breach Second Edition core rulebook (2017) and four full-length Penny Dreadful adventures, ideal for introducing the Gothic, necromantic-industrial city-state of Malifaux: Days Without Accident, Fire in the Sky, The Obsidian Gate, and A Stitch in Time.

And if you pay more than the threshold price of $31.34, you'll level up and also get this revival's entire Bonus Collection with eleven more titles worth an additional $164, including five Expansion Book rules supplements – Above the Law, From Nightmares (play a monster!), Into the Bayou (play a Gremlin!), Into the Steam, and Under Quarantine – and six short Penny Dreadful One-Shots designed for a single play session each: Bubbling Up From Below, The Iktomi Shuffle, Jurassic Faux, The Show Must Go On, Silurid Showdown, and Uncontainable.


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