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Kickstarter - HYPERBOREA: Modulistic Terror

Just mentioning Hyperborea (formerly known as Astonishinh Swordmen & Sorcerors of Hyperborea or ASSH) should be enough to draw your attention. The modules published for Hyperborea by Jeff Talanian are second to none in terms of content and quality, and can literally be run with ANY D20-based OSR ruleset. Yes, even the DCC RPG, but it would take some tinkering ;)

You can get all three modules of the HYPERBOREA: Modulistic Terror collection, in Print and PDF, for 85 bucks plus shipping over at Kickstarter.


An adventure in Hyperborea for four to eight characters of 5th to 7th levels

Abductions and murder! For many months, small villages and farmsteads along the eastern coasts of New Vinland, and up the River Maedbh as far north as Bogrest, have been plagued by swift and deadly attacks. The few surviving witnesses describe a vicious band of Viking berserkers—led by a giant of a Viking and a beautiful Keltic woman—descending without warning in their sleek longship. They seize victims (some scarcely older than children), loot and burn homes, and slay any who resist. Rumours of these raids have reached your ears, as tales spread through mead-halls and taverns as far distant as Khromarium. Tensions are high in New Vinland; the jarls eye their neighbors warily, speculating upon the identity of the raiders and placing the political stability of the entire region at risk. Attempts by Keltic and Viking chieftains to suss out these malefactors have thus far been fruitless—but your party has now become privy to information that could put a stop to these murderous slavers.

Text: Joe Maccarrone 

Editing: Ben Ball, Jeffrey P. Talanian

Front Cover Art: Del Teigeler

Back Cover Art: Johnathan L. Bingham

Interior Art: Johnathan L. Bingham, Mick Fernette, Skye Talanian, Del Teigeler

Cartography: Andreas Claren

Book Format: Saddle-stitched softcover book with #60 unfinished paper and two-colour interior layout.


An adventure in Hyperborea for four to eight characters of 3rd to 5th levels

Bold is the man who travels to the Skarag Coast, where the fell bargains of desperate ancient folk birthed the terrible dæmon-blooded race known as the orc—a species of abomination which now rules the land with blood and iron. Bolder still is he who would dare to erect a stronghold on that accursed shore in open defiance of those Hell-spawned horrors. Just such a man is Ronan Svendoros, a fighter lord of renowned courage who left distant Brigand’s Bay to rear a keep at the mouth of the Bloody River Basin. Now your party journeys to his holding, lured by the promise of gold and glory. Will you triumph, or will your bleached bones join those of countless others who have vanished into the darkness of the dæmon-haunted Skarag Coast?

Text: Ben Ball

Editing: Jeffrey P. Talanian

Front Cover Art: Adrian Landeros

Back Cover Art: Mick Fernette

Back Cover Colours: Glynn Seal

Interior Art: Ian Baggley, Johnathan L. Bingham, Mick Fernette, Adrian Landeros, Glynn Seal, Phil Stone, Del Teigeler, Mike Tenebrae

Cartography: Ben Ball

Book Format: Smyth-sewn hardcover book with #60 unfinished paper and two-colour interior layout


An adventure in Hyperborea for four to eight characters of 4th to 6th levels

Avoiding the lawless pirates of the Zangerios Islands and the blood-thirsty half-bulls of Minotaurios, your party sails to the Isles of Maedsid, deep in the Hyperborean Sea. Maedsid is surrounded by treacherous waves and clinging mists, a place of mystery since time immemorial. Over three centuries ago, the isles became the sacred home to a clandestine sect of sun-worshipping druids called The Awakening Dawn, but they have not been heard from for about forty years. Concern has grown amongst mainland druids, prompting calls for inquiry. Furthermore, speculators, treasure hunters, and curiosity seekers of all stripes are attracted by growing rumours of treasures undreamed and the possibility of unravelling peculiar mysteries. Now, your party voyages to investigate the fate of the lost druids, but perhaps some things are best left unknown.

Text: Johnathan L. Bingham

Editing: James T. Demers

Additional Development: Jeffrey P. Talanian

Front Cover Art: Val Semeiks

Front Cover Colours: Daisey Bingham

Back Cover Art: Johnathan L. Bingham

Back Cover Colours: Skye Talanian

Interior Art: Johnathan L. Bingham

Cartography: Johnathan L. Bingham, Glynn Seal

Book Format: Smyth-sewn hardcover book with #60 unfinished paper and two-colour interior layout. 

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