Thursday, April 4, 2024

Deal of the Day - The Pits of Brund (ShadowDark)

I am a huge ShadowDark fanboy. An old-school game built on the 5e engine, it hits my gamer's sweet tooth.

The Pits of Brund for ShadowDark is today's Deal of the Day on DriveThruRPG. Normally 13.99 in PDF, but until tomorrow it is on sale for 2.80.

Adventure awaits. Rumors swirl around the cities, speaking of evil awakening in the Pits of Brund.

A Shadowdark-compatible role-playing game adventure for level 1-6 characters.

Whispers talk of fish-faced man-monsters, gigantic venomous wasps, corrupt wizards, blind cave-mutants, and terrible monsters lurking in the labyrinth. A Shadowdark-compatible role-playing game adventure for level 1-6 characters.

The Pits of Brund are a recently re-discovered series of caves that descend far into the barrow-earth. The bravest and most foolhardy seek treasure, plunder, and lore within places such as this.

  • The Tomb of the Hunters: A recently reopened cave. A trio of crawlers recently headed into this cave system looking for wealth and secrets.
  • The Opaline Tower: A milk-white tower atop a high bluff within the Badlands. Rumors say the tower’s master is a magus of great art.
  • The Caves of Brund: A lengthy series of caves under the Badlands, extending almost endlessly. Deep ones, fish-faced humanoids, worship foul god-beasts here.
  • The Deeper Caves of Brund: Even farther underground, the deeper caves contain great danger and commiserate reward. Deep ones, grimlocks, and other monsters make their home within the depths.
  • The Temple of Bloat: Ypsil the black mage studies Ord’s celestial temple, working to corrupt the temple’s divine sky stone.
  • Phurshole: Blind, six-fingered grimlocks lurk in this subterranean waterfall cavern, devoutly serving an albino hydra, the avatar of their diabolic masters.

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