Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Bundle of Holding - KoDT TROUBLE 6 (KoDT BUNDLES OF TROUBLE #51-60)

I really love my Knights of the Dinner Table. I still have the first 10 issues of KotDT, nearly as dog-eared as my original copies of Shadis Magazine. Damn! Those were the days ;)

I've learned to love digital comics, as they fit easily on my iPad, read really well, and I don't need a warehouse for storing boxes upon boxes of comics and graphic novels.

Reader, take note! This all-new KoDT Trouble 6 Bundle is one of two offers in progress featuring Jolly R. Blackburn's long-running comic about tabletop roleplaying, Knights of the Dinner Table from Kenzer & Company. If you're new to the Knights, start with our revived May 2018 Knights of the Dinner Bundle in progress. Then return here for this new "bundle of Bundles" with KoDT Bundle of Trouble compilations #51-60, collecting KoDT issues #179-218 (2011-2015). These Trouble-some collections make it easy to pull up a chair and enjoy the longest-running and most successful comic strip in RPG history.

For just US$19.95 you get all Ten Bundles of Trouble (retail value $130) as DRM-free comics, including Knights of the Dinner Table Bundle of Trouble Vol. 51, V52, V53, V54, V55, V56, V57, V58, V59, and V60.

Remember to check this new offer's revived companion from May 2018, Knights of the Dinner Table, with the early issues and miniseries.


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