Thursday, December 28, 2023

OSR Christmas - Gifting the Gifts for "Christmas Day is for Arduin and Monkey Blood!" - Day 7

Welcome to Day 7 of OSR Christmas for 2023, awarding of the gifts. Note that Day 8 of OSR Christmas was on the Talking Crit Livestream, on Wednesday Night @ 8 PM Eastern, December 27th, 2023. Day 9 will be here, on the blog, tomorrow, December 29th, 2023.

If your name is found below one of the following gifts, you are receiving that gift. Email me at tenkarsDOTtavern at that gmail thing. PLEASE include "OSR Christmas Day 7" in the subject, and please mention the gift you are receiving in the body of the email. This makes it easier for me to match up everything.

Note - if you are awaiting a gift from Day 6 of OSR Christmas or earlier, email me, with "OSR Christmas Day X", where X= the day in question, and mention the gift you are waiting on in the body of the email.

From MonkeyBlood: 


1x The Cartomancer 2 Bundle (physical boxed set containing all three HandyMaps content) delivered anywhere in the world for free. https://monkeyblooddesign.co.uk/product/bundle-handymaps-the-cartomancer-2/


From Emperors' Choice:


An Arduin Bundle with the hardcover trilogy 1-3, all the grimoires 4 - 9, and Vaults of the Weaver, which has 7 Dungeons in It. All printed material worth $155.00 bundle for Christmas Day! (Note - US Only)


From DiceBro:

Pen, Dice & Paper

PDF Bundle of issues1-3 of Wizard Funk, an OSR zine

Thraxis & AEIOU

OSR Stickers and Barrowmaze patches to give away (1 US/1 Int)


From On the Tabletop:


    Softcover copy of Holmes & Clark (OSR Ruleset) (US Only)

Major E

    PDF copy of Holmes & Clark, along with digital goodies


From James Mishler Games:

Set of 12 PDFs (by my count) of James Mishler releases for Shadowdark as well as the Isle of Eldisor for Labyrinth Lord in PDF


From Tenkar's Tavern:
$10 DTRPG Gift Certificate

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