Friday, December 29, 2023

Humble Bundle - 2023 Cinematic Adventures RPG from Evil Genius Games

I remember this system and this series of supplements recently being Kickstarted. I know literally nothing about the Everyday Heroes RPG (ah, Modern 20 5e-ified) or its rules system, but the sourcebooks are damn tempting.

Not sure? One buck gets you the Everyday Heroes core rules and the Escape From New York adventure. Surely that's worth a buck :)

For 18 bucks, you get the full Everyday Heroes Bundle - core rules, Escape From New York, Universal Soldier, Rambo, Total Recall, Highlander, Pacific Rim, Kong: Skull Island, and The Crow. That's one hell of a line-up.

Don’t forget to pack the popcorn for your next RPG night, because it’s time to bring the movies to your table! This bundle from Evil Genius is packed with games inspired by some of the silver screen's most exciting names. Get ready to walk in the shoes of elite special forces fighters and take on larger-than-life missions in Rambo, based on the beloved films and fully compatible with 5e! Hop into your Jaeger and protect mankind from vicious kaiju in the 5e-compatible Pacific Rim! And more! Get games based on The Crow, Kong Island, Highlander, and other great films, and help support Gameheads with your purchase!


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