Friday, November 17, 2023

A Look at RPGMarket.com

When looking for a specific piece for your RPG Collection, one often goes to Noble Knight or eBay. Neither is especially cheap, and you'll often find current POD offerings at collectible prices.

I was recently introduced to RPGMarket.com. Although it's doubtful you'll go there looking for something specific (but still check it out as you may get lucky), if you like to browse, the prices are, with few exceptions (and likely more collectible offerings) much easier on the wallet than a comparable piece at Noble Knight.

Noble Knight

RPG Market

Noble Knight

RPG Market

(with dice)

If nothing else, RPGMarket.com offers an alternative storefront one can check when looking for something in particular, or simply browsing. I started browsing the Gamebooks section, and that might be a rabbit hole best avoided because there's much that I might want. :)

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