Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Kickstarter - Gammalitic Age: Future Warrior World Book (FAST RPG)

Post-Apocalyptic setting for the FAST Core RPG gaming system

If it seems like I'm a Kickstarter kick recently, I guess I am. There are simply a number of interesting Kickstarters, and my wallet has been getting lighter ;)

Gammalitic Age: Future Warrior World Book is a post-apocalyptic setting for the FAST RPG. It's brought to you by R Scott Taylor, probably best known for The Folio series of releases. If you've seen Scott's prior Kickstarter projects, you know the quality of his work - simply top-notch.

Welcome to the world of Gammalitic Age: Future Warrior!  This is a dream project from Art of the Genre, as this setting has been 'kicking around' since roughly 1985 when I decided to create my own RPG, entitled 'Future Warrior'.  While the system at the time was basically a rough rip-off of OSR D&D mechanics, I, and my cousin, Greg Lovell, had a blast spending our summer making this post-apocalyptic world based around the worldview of the time with movies like The Road Warrior, The Day After, Threads, and of course those incredible adds I kept seeing in Dragon Magazines for the Aftermath RPG. Still, life moves on, and all those fun supplements we created on graph paper were stored away, never to be seen again (or so I thought), until, almost 40 years later, I created the FAST Core RPG and became close to artist Luiz Prado (who also did work on the RPG for me).  Luiz had been a lifelong fan of post-apocalyptic settings, mostly through classic video games like Fallout and Wasteland, so when we started talking about the setting I was motivated to dig out my old game and look at what it would take to convert it into the FAST Core system. 

The rest, you might say, is 'history', as we began building the world through weekly chats on Discord and putting together a Patreon to roll out some of our ideas.  Still, nothing fully manifested as a true gaming supplement until this year when the success of the FAST Compendium Volume 1 showed that small digital supplements for the core game were desired by fans.  This brings us to today, as I sit here writing this Kickstarter page with a smile as I think about the years of work that have gone into the recreation of my ancient game, and how we would love to roll it out to all of you.  It is our hope that we'll see great support for this, and if so, we can achieve stretch goals that will help us create Luiz's ultimate dream of creating this project as a 300+ page physical book absolutely FILLED with his incredible post-apocalyptic ideas that have languished, unfulfilled, on pages and pages of rough artwork and warm-up sketches.   

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