Friday, August 4, 2023

Humble Bundle - Traveller by Mongoose Publishing

I enjoyed the original Traveller rules - the only rules I knew of at the time where your could die during character generation. I remember rolling Traveller characters during breaks between classes in High School.

Today we have the latest Mongoose Traveller Rules. For as little as a buck, you can snag the Traveller Explorer Rules and an adventure. For 18 bucks, you get that, the full Traveller RPG Rules (updated in 2022), adventures, setting material, soundtrack, and fiction. A total of 16 different pieces of digital Traveller material for you to enjoy.

Set out on a journey into the unknown in Traveller, the science fiction role-playing game of the far future! This starfarers’ bundle features over a dozen digital rulebooks, sourcebooks, and character & campaign resources for the latest edition of the iconic tabletop RPG. Plunder the galaxy in the Pirates of Drinax campaign and Drinaxian Companion, expanding the setting with new possibilities for adventure. Gear up with weapons and equipment using the Central Supply Catalogue and Field Catalogue. Get everything you need to craft and play your own sci-fi saga, and help support Cancer Research UK with your purchase!


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