Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Bundle of Holding - Blue Rose (AGE System)

Now, not everything I share is something that I PERSONALLY would enjoy. I quite like the AGE system and it looks like it would play out quick and fast and mostly fall quietly into the background. I do NOT enjoy "romantic fantasy" for my reading material, nor do I enjoy such in my RPGs. Others do, which is why this post exists ;)

Blue Rose is one of the current offers on Bundle of Holding and for 7.95, you get the Blue Rose RPG Rules, Shadowtide (novel) Pit of Vipers novelette) and Sovereigns of the Blue Rose (a 14-story anthology). As you can see, Blue Rose takes its "romantic fantasy" source material quite seriously :)

The threshold price for the Blue Rose Bonus Collection stands at approximately 20 bucks as I type this and includes setting material, an adventure, a GM kit, and yet more fiction.

Adventurer! We've resurrected our March 2020 Blue Rose Bundle featuring the 2017 Second Edition of Blue Rose, the tabletop roleplaying game of romantic fantasy from Green Ronin Publishing. Inspired by authors like Mercedes Lackey, Diane Duane, Tamora Pierce, and many more, Blue Rose makes you an envoy in service to the Sovereign of the peaceful and prosperous kingdom of Aldea. As much problem-solvers and diplomats as warriors, envoys uphold civilization's ideals and protect ordinary people from danger. Aided by the rhydan – your psychic animal allies – you and your companions guard your homeland from aggressive neighbors, ancient monsters and artifacts, and a resurgent Shadow. 

The 2017 edition of Blue Rose uses Green Ronin's Adventure Game Engine (AGE), the popular rules that power the Fantasy AGE, Dragon Age, and The Expanse RPGs. This March 2020 offer once again brings you the core Blue Rose AGE rulebook and essential supplements. And after you get this revived offer, look for our all-new companion with recent campaigns and adventures, Blue Rose Aldean Adventures.

Six of Swords scenario collection for Blue RoseFor just US$7.95 you get all four titles in this revived offer's Starter Collection (retail value $38) as DRM-free ebooks, including the complete full-color, 384-page Blue Rose 2E rulebook for the AGE System; the novel Shadowtide by Joseph D. Carriker Jr. (plus its novella-length sequel Pit of Vipers and the free Shadowtide: Recipes from Aldea); and the 14-story anthology Sovereigns of the Blue Rose.

And if you pay more than the threshold price of $19.96, you'll level up and also get this revival's entire Bonus Collection with five more titles worth an additional $45, including the massive city sourcebook Aldis: City of the Blue Rose, the adventure collection Six of Swords, the Blue Rose Narrator's Kit, and two more short stories.

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  1. Blue Rose is a lot of fun and how much Romantic Fantasy you want in it is entirely up to you. While not in this bundle my adventure in their "Six of Cups" involves trying to save some magical kids from being kidnapped by a demon or eaten by monster. Both who think doing so will give them more power.

  2. Respectfully disagreeing with Tim here. Romantic Fantasy can indeed be a lot of fun, but Blue Rose is not. Played RAW, it has a deeply troubling setting whose totalitarian aspects are never questioned - Think Marion Zimmer Bradley meets Paranoia RPG, minus the humour.


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