Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Kickstarter - Tomb of Zines, a Storage Box for your Fantasy RPG Zines (Phil Reed)

I'm a huge fan of Phil Reed and his various Kickstarters. They are always a great value for your money, ship on time, and are universally useful. It doesn't hurt that I consider Phil a friend, but I'd be saying all of this regardless ;)

This time around, Phil is offering a box to hold your various zines - The Tomb of Zines. But it's not just a box, it's also gaming content. Imagine that...

If you've been collecting fantasy roleplaying game zines, then you've likely hit the same problem that many of us have: how do you store these things? The indie community does an incredible job of creating fun, entertaining game content in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and formats, but it can sometimes be challenging to figure out where and how to store all of these remarkable works of art.

That's where the Tomb of Zines comes into play! This storage box features a 6.25" x 9.25" x 2" space to carry your favorite zines. Better still, the box is more than just a box! Printed on the outside and inside of the box are random tables to assist the gamemaster in preparing quick encounters and packed with possible adventure ideas. The back of the box features a table that directs the GM to one of six different brochures included inside the box.

The six brochures are each 9" x 9" in size, double-sided, and folded down to 3" x 9" so that they fit neatly in the Tomb of Zines. These six brochures are packed in the box at the project launch. All six are written and ready for the editing process! 

  • The Wizard's Secrets - 2d12 table. What secret does the wizard reveal before he dies?
  • The Wizard's Requests - 2d10 table. What does the wizard ask of the party?
  • The Wizard's Demands - 2d20 table. What does the wizard demand of the adventures?
  • The Wizard's Summons - 5d6 table. What terrible or frightening thing has the wizard summoned?
  • The Wizard's Tales - 1d12 table. What story does the wizard tell the heroes?
  • The Wizard's Attacks - 1d20 table. Exactly how does the wizard attack theadventurers?


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