Sunday, June 11, 2023

Kickstarter - Delver 9: Old School RPG Resources for GMs and Players

I'm a huge fan of zines, even if I don't keep them in ANY semblance of order. They are literally everywhere around the house, and I often rediscover them some years after acquiring them. 

Somehow, eight issues of the Delver zine have been published before coming to my attention. Assuming Delver 9 hits the mark, I may be looking to acquire the prior issues.

Delver Issue #9 is 7 bucks in PDF, 11 plus 5 bucks shipping in the States for Print plus PDF.

The primary features of Delver magazine are the random charts and tables. Each issue will contain pages and pages of random charts that can be used before or during a session. Each page has a theme or subject, typically with four to six tables that pertain to that topic.

The secondary feature of each issue is the ready-to-go adventure, complete with maps, room descriptions, random encounters, and more. The adventure in Delver #9 is designed for 4 to 8 characters of level 5-6 or higher.

Finally, each issue will contain an article for GMs. Each article will be short and sweet and provide a GM with some useful points to ponder on between sessions. The current article for Delver #9 is titled RPGs as Wargames? and will cover thoughts on why the combat rules of wargames often trump those of RPGs and why blending a wargame and your favorite RPG might be a fun thing for you to try.

Delver #9 will start at a minimum of 36 pages, but the page count can go much higher depending on reached stretched goals that can push Delver #9 up in length.

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