Sunday, June 11, 2023

Lazy Sunday Morning Gaming Shopping

Lazy Sunday Morning Gaming Shopping
Erik did me a bit of a solid last week (and tried again this week) to post for me last week because Sunday I had to spend the day travelling early am to an undisclosed location......basically I had to stay up after NTRPG's midnight auction and head out to the airport at 4AM. I knew that day of travelling was going to wreck me and my internet access at my destination was unknown at the time.

Anyway, I'm still at my undisclosed location and this morning was a lazy day so I decided to head on over to the next town and peruse the "sights".......

....yeah this town was....rather...crunchy. Like granola crunchy.....like they don't put up flags for Pride month 'cause the flags are up year-round and painted on the street already.

Meh, not a big deal except.....except the only place I could find open to get a bite to eat before the bookstore opened was a vegan café. Actually had no idea it was a vegan café at first, but hungry is hungry and vegan "wings" made out of cauliflower is not far off of decent bar food of fried cauliflower......

Gaming/Mapping Art Supplies

The great thing about these hippy (there was definitely a hippy vibe in places) areas is that they have some great hole-in-the-wall stores. Tons of tiny shops packed with stuff. I wandered into an art supply store and found some pens that I like, but in sizes I normally don't see, as well as my favorite mechanical pencil and replacement lead, both at better prices than I'm used to! Went ahead and picked up a little notebook and a fancy-schmancy (well, seemed like it) Japanese marker that just works different than what I'm used to.

Appendix N Collection
Up the street was the book store. Wasn't quite what
I was hoping for, but I did find a few books for my Appendix N collection and another book (not shown) that I only had a PDF of. That book was "expensive", relatively speaking, but the other books were cheaper than I'd find at HPB, so a win in my book.

I'm so, sorry....that wasn't an intended pun.

This one book, With a Single Spell, is already in my collection, but one of the author's other books, set in the same world, is something I pretty much buy every time I see it in a store. I'll pick it up and just give it to the first friend I find out hasn't read it. I'm going to read this copy on this trip and then gift it like I do the other book......

While the bookstore was a draw, the real reason I went down to granola-town was to visit an indoor "flea market". It wasn't an indoor flea market, despite what they advertised. Instead it was basically two of these small store fronts linked together and stuffed with a few, pretty sure it was five, but there wasn't a firm boundary between three of the places. Lots of nice stuff, reasonably priced with the exception of the clothes. Evidently "vintage" clothes are worth more than common sense would lead one to believe.....

Old-assed dice

I found some cool stuff, most of it was too big to pick up and travel back home with, but I enjoyed looking at the one booth just stuffed with DVDs, Legos, and action figures. There was stuff I liked, but nothing that had to come home with me......until I turned to leave and saw a little bowl of dice stuffed in the corner of a large display case. What caught my eye were the Gamescience dice, but it looked like there was some Holmes set dice and a couple other old-assed dice.....along with a giant 12 sided d4.

Totally worth the $8. Those Gamescience D20's are numbered 0-9 twice and inked in two different colors.

Not a bad haul for a lazy Sunday morning!

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