Wednesday, May 24, 2023


A Rogue's Gallery Compendium of Weird Fantasy RPG Villains for Your OSR Games.

Looking to surprise your players with a unique Big Bad Evil Guy (or Gal)? Well, look no further, as the CHAINSAW WIZARDS, HECATOMB CREEPS & OTHER UNGODLY BASTARDS Kickstarter has you covered. No more cookie-cutter baddies in your campaigns (and yes, Hans, you are "the baddies"). Now your BBEGs (and their henchmen) can stand out on their own. Even better, a good BBEG can practically write their own story arc ;)

Heck, the cover above should inspire an adventure or two based on imagery alone.

The CHAINSAW WIZARDS, HECATOMB CREEPS & OTHER UNGODLY BASTARDS Kickstarter is priced at $20 in PDF, or 35 in HC Print plus PDF. Who are you kidding? Get the hardcover! 

Planet X Games is back and this time we're bringing an all-new, all-different concept to the table. Expect our best... but fear the worst - Chainsaw Wizards, Hecatomb Creeps and Other Ungodly Bastards is here! There are tons of monster books out there, but surprisingly few dedicated solely to memorable villains who bring a new definition of strange to the game table. We aim to fix that... and in a big, big way!

Exciting new encounter opportunities and worldbuilding for the villains at your home table abound! This hardcover book is specifically designed to test and challenge your players with something new... and weird... and deadly! A little bit horror, a little bit fantastic and all in on the weird fantasy, sword and sorcery vibe, this hefty resource pays homage to Gary Gygax's infamous Appendix N while bringing fresh concepts, tactics, forbidden new lore, tips, guidance, examples of play and all new powers and abilities to the table.

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