Monday, May 22, 2023

Kickstarter - The Mosidian Temple: an OSRIC/1E Adventure

Over the year I've shared some of my early "game design" and "campaign design" work here at The Tavern. You know the type - 40 orcs in a 10'x10' room, and nearly every box on the sheet of graph paper mapped out - because graph paper could be hard to come by...

I've even had a few offers to help "professionalize" my attempts from back in the 80s, although I've never taken up any of the offers. Dunno, it just never seemed worthy, but after seeing what David Flor has brought forth from the past, I'm beginning to rethink my reluctance ;)

The Mosidian Temple: an OSRIC/1E Adventure Kickstarter from David Flor is David bringing back a piece of his personal history from when he was 12 and offering both the historical snapshot as well as a reimagined version for "modern sensibilities", or at least current expectations of presentation. You may still find a dragon or two occupying an undersized room, but truly, who in 1983 was taking proper measurements :)

You can snag a PDF of the original The Mosidian Temple for 4 bucks, PDFs of the original and the modern update for 15 bucks (that's where I'm at), or for 60 bucks, get a print copy of the modern update, a set poly dice, a POD code (essentially a second print copy) and a bunch of PDFs. Phew!

        This Kickstarter is meant to create two things:

The original adventure and supplemental materials, published as-is in digital format only. 

A "reimagining" of it, making it a more viable product. Not only does this include editing, art, and proper layout, but adjustment of the mechanics as needed to make it compatible with OSRIC, 1E and other systems (see "Stretch Goals" below).

The Kickstarter funds will be used to pay for editing and at least the front cover art. Depending on how things go, I may do art for the back cover as well.

FULL DISCLOSURE: The original adventure has... issues. It's not great. It has a lot of flaws. As any 12-year-old would probably do, I put things in it because they looked cool without any respect for plot, appropriateness, or even the laws of physics. 

For example, I put a T'ien Lung - yes, a 50-foot-long celestial dragon from my favorite book, the Fiend Folio - crammed into a 20'x20' room in the center of the dungeon. Why? Because celestial dragons looked amazingly cool and why the hell not?

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