Monday, April 3, 2023

Kickstarter - Monster & Character Encounters (Stock Art, Monsters, and More)

A zine of 50 new monsters, their traps, and treasures. These aren't your daddy's dragons.

I've known James Shields for a number of years. It was his art that graced the first printing of Swords & Wizardry Continual Light, and it will be his art that will grace the cover of the upcoming Continual Light.

James has recently gone back to working full-time in the gaming industry, and the Monster & Character Encounters Kickstarter is the opening salvo of James' return.

You can back the Monster& Character Encounters Kickstarter for the gaming material, or you can go even further and back in for the 50 stock art critters that you will get non-exclusive rights to. You had better believe I'm in for the stock art plus zine :)


These are not your ordinary hack and slash monsters. Each is individually illustrated and designed to present a new type of threat, obstacle, or concern for your players.

Dungeons should be hazardous, but there are dangers worse than death. How will you negotiate the plague-ridden Gore Ox that blocks passage through the dungeon? Your ally already lost an eye to the eye thieves — how do you get any rest tonight? Will any of your team escape the affections of Mamarex? Why is a TimeLok interrupting your adventure now? Who is whispering about Kel-enroth Maccabah of the Desecration?

Look! An interview with James Shields!

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