Friday, April 14, 2023

Far West - Another 5 Months of Silence From The Most Skilled Avoider in Gaming

Far West. Infamous for lack of any sort of, well, anything. The forums are gone, and the Discord Server has an invite link that only lasted 7 days. You CAN set a Discord link to NOT expire, but it's obvious Gareth doesn't REALLY want to interact with his Kickstarter backers that he's been fucking over for over 11 years.

As of today, it's been over 5 months since the last Far West Kickstarter update, which is the ONLY way Gareth can actually be sure he's communicating with his backers.

We don't care about the fiction. Your backers want what they paid for back in 2011.

Gareth has redefined what a failure at Kickstarter truly is.

How many missed completion dates? You can check here: https://www.mutedhorn.net/far-west-delivery-estimates

But at least Gareth has time to tweet. Imagine if all those tweets over the last 11 years were put into book form. I'd guess they'd dwarf Far West in whatever size it theoretically releases in.

Of course, now he can blame Eric Trautmann for its further delay...

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  1. You should take every idea he’s said about Far West, and knock out a parody of it (Nearest East or something) and release then release it. The histrionics would be epic to watch.

  2. He's too busy supporting the right to groom children to work on an RPG. Priorities, people.


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