Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Deal of the Day - Carcass Crawler: Issue Two (OSE Zine)

I'm a huge fan of Old School Essentials. I am also a huge fan of zines. Put them together and you have a huge winner. That's what you get with the Carcass Crawler series.

Carcass Crawler: Issue Two is Today's Deal of the Day. Normally 7.50 in PDF, but until tomorrow it is on sale for 3 bucks.

Issue 2 of Carcass Crawler — the official Old-School Essentials zine! Each issue is packed with new material for your games, including new character classes and races, new spells and magic items, new monsters, optional and expanded rules, referee advice, news, previews of in-development products, short adventures, and more!

In This Issue

New classes and races: Two new elf variants. The phase elf and the wood elf.

Item-based encumbrance system: A simple system for tracking characters' loads and movement rates, based on the number of items carried. (No more need to add up coins and weights.)

Town services: Guidelines and prices for inns, jewelers, money changers, and traders, including a simple optional rule for haggling.

Hiring retainers: Tables and extra guidelines for locating and hiring retainers.

Quick equipment: A set of tables for expediting character creation by randomly selecting starting gear.

Energy weapons: Complete rules for introducing high-tech energy blades and guns into your game, either as alien relics found in long lost treasure hoards or to accompany the sci-fi inspired classes in Carcass Crawler issue 1 (the hephaestan and kineticist).

Snake cult monsters: 8 brand new monsters: creepy undead, guardian constructs, and devious serpents.

The tomb of Aum-Pharath: A mini-adventure in the trap-filled ruins of a snake cult temple.

Adjudicating traps: Advice and optional guidelines for making traps a fun and engaging part of the game.

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