Monday, February 20, 2023

PWYW - Monolith (OSR SciFi)

Its been a while since I covered a new PWYW release, and good things come to those that wait ;)

Monolith is a table-heavy, stat-light OSR-inspired sci-fi RPG, that appears, upon quick inspection, to be fairly flexible in its focus with little implied setting. When I say table heavy, the book is mostly tables, but they can easily be used as a resource with the sci-fi game of your choice.

The price is certainly right :)

Monolith is a Science fiction adventure game for one Game Master (GM) and at least one other player. Players act as daring adventurers exploring a vast & mysterious galaxy filled with weird aliens, lost worlds, and ruthless factions. Inspired by old school role-playing games.

What's Inside?

  • Rules-lite mechanics and procedures inspired by Cairn, Into the Odd, Knave, and other OSR games.
  • 12 backgrounds for PC and quick character creation (or optional stat-aligned gear packs).
  • Rules for starships, psionics, weird space powers, experimental weapons and technology, ancient artifacts, factions, quick planet generation & inspiration, and more.

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