Thursday, January 5, 2023

Troll Lord Games Has a 5e Fire Sale - Are They Ditching D&D Moving Forward?


I received the above in my email late this afternoon. If you are looking to fill holes in your 5e collection, now seems to be the time to shop at the Trolls. Supplies are limited, and it looks like they (TLG) are ditching 5e going forward. I'm guessing they won't be signing up for the 1.1 OGL...

"Our future is Castles & Crusades, so help us clear out the warehouse and load up your bookshelves!"

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  1. I know I reached out when they were doing Gaxmoor that I wished it was a C&C version updating their old d20 one. I was tempted when I got my mailer but it would be just to see the new art/maps. I would never be running it. Just that $10 was tempting hehe :(


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