Saturday, January 7, 2023

Time to Scrape Out the SRD Parts of Continual Light


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Driving home from an afternoon with my niece, Rach and I were discussing tonight's topic(s) for the Gamers' Health livestream. The conversation of course strayed into 1.1

It then dawned on me that I've been sitting on my proof copy (with needed corrections) of Continual Light for the past 2 months, having failed to forward any scans to Jeff Jones for the final layout.

I now realize, if I had, I'd likely have a dead-on-arrival RPG, with no way to support it.

Its 32 pages digest-sized and currently under the 1.0 OGL. I'm pretty sure I can de-SRD those pages fairly easily, while still keeping the core system intact.

No SRD. No OGL. Allow support and derivatives under CC licensing.

Damn, for once being a procrastinator might have been in my favor 😉

Note - The last Day of OSR Christmas is delayed. Current events in the world of tabletop RPGs have kept me bouncing around and answering calls and PMs. We'll wrap up soon, I hope.

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  1. Sounds good to have a non-SRD non-OGL game with D&D style mechanics out there. Are you happy for other publishers to write compatible material for it?

    1. "No SRD. No OGL. Allow support and derivatives under CC licensing."
      Sounds like a "yes" to me. (CC = Creative Commons.)
      I'd guess either CC-BY (attribution) or CC-BY-SA (share-alike).


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