Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Deal of the Day - The Adventurers' Guide to Herbalism & Alchemy for FG&G (OSR)

An OSR book of herbalism and alchemy? A resource to add some depth to my campaign without going crazy? All that for 2 bucks? I'm in!

The Adventurers' Guide to Herbalism & Alchemy for FG&G is technically written for For Gold & Glory, a 2e clone, which is normally 5 bucks in PDF but can be had for a mere 2 bucks until Thursday morning (11/5/23).

Follow the continuing adventures of the Delvers as they explore the ruins of the ancient Alchemists' Guildhall. Be there when they discover the Alchemists' greatest lost secrets and meet with their wealthy and mysterious benefactor, Servius Linnus... A licensed "For Gold & Glory" supplement written by the editor of the game with over 34,000 words, this heavily illustrated guide for old school RPGs is packed with useful material for players and GMs alike to enjoy in almost any magical, medieval, fantasy game based upon the "World's Most Popular Role Playing Game". Each item entry is described with recipes, costs and specific game effects.

Note: OSR Christmas Returns January 6th, 2023

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