Friday, December 30, 2022

Humble Bundle - Vaesen & Forbidden Lands from Free League

I've been hearing a lot of good things said about Vaesen & Forbidden Lands in various forums and from friends. I rarely have enough time to read the gaming material I buy on a regular basis, so I've yet to plunk my hard-earned dollars for either.

Until tonight :)

18 bucks get you two solid RPGs and their support material.

Explore dual realms of tabletop role-playing

Journey into folklore and far-flung fantasy in this bundle of tabletop role-playing books from Free League!

Discover realms of Nordic horror in Vaesen, the grim RPG based on the myths of Scandinavia, plus a book of bone-chilling cases and the Mythic Britain & Ireland expansion.

Make your mark on the cursed world of Forbidden Lands, the open-world survival fantasy RPG, along with a campaign book, adventures, and more resources to enhance your party’s experience.

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