Thursday, December 29, 2022

Deal of the Day - EE1: Things From Beyond (Essential Enemies #1)

I like zines. I also like Old School Essentials. A Zine for Old School Essentials is right up my alley.

EE1: Things From Beyond (Essential Enemies #1) is just that, and until tomorrow morning it is marked down from its usual 10 bucks in PDF to 4 bucks. Print plus PDF is 17.

Essential Enemies 1: Things From Beyond is a third party monster manual for use with Old-School Essentials and other old school fantasy role-playing games.

This zine contains the following monsters:

  • Astral Paladin: A mounted knight from a far-away world, summoned here to do a noble’s bidding.
  • Building Blocks: Cubic workers brought here to mine a magically poisonous metal.
  • The Crystal Kingdom: The domain of the crystal men spreads across the face of this world, consuming all before it.
  • The Firehorse: The spirit of living fire, trapped in a blind body of flesh.
  • The Iridescents: Floating spheres that poison the earth and lead to desperate cannibal behaviour.
  • The Light Collector: It started a cult to get its greedy tentacles on new sources of light.
  • The Mung Mung: Transdimensional merchants of oddities and other creatures.
  • Tentacle Men: They might look like men, but they are mostly tentacles.

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