Sunday, November 20, 2022

Getting Ready for the "Off" Season....

Getting Ready for the "Off" Season....
Note: Since I know that some of my home group read this....please know this isn't about "us".

This week marks the beginning of what I kind of refer to as the "shitty season" as far as table-top RPGs go. Because of the impending holidays, there aren't any conventions and there really aren't any weekly games going on. I'm used to there being attempts to game, but they almost never pan out. At best maybe there is a gaming group get-together that's a bit of a Christmas party, but that's about it.

Now this isn't really a complaint or condemnation, just an observation.

Gaming is important to me on a couple of levels, one of which is straight-up mental health. Most of my friends I have through gaming and sitting around slinging dice is probably one of the most beneficial social interactions I have outside of work. It's kind of important for me and I'm willing to bet that many, if not most, of us are somewhere on a similar line. 

Yeah, sure....you are perfectly fine, socially well-adjusted and all that. You've probably already rolled your eyes at least once and are only reading this far 'cause you got nothing better to do the Sunday before Turkey Day. In that case, make a quick mental review of your group and see if any of your fellow dice chuckers fit the bill.

Now I'm lucky in that I'll get to go home for some time this holiday season and I don't necessarily have co-workers, but brothers....so I should be good. Add in a little online gaming and a few extra trips to the FLGS, along with at least one Christmas Party...and I should be good.

.....should be. I'm lucky enough that I can send up a flare if I'm wrong.

At this point in this one-sided discussion I have but a simple ask: do a low-level reach out this holiday season to your gaming buddies and see if they might need a little more non-holiday social interaction if you're not getting together as much as you usually do...even those that are a bit more on the introverted side.

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