Wednesday, October 19, 2022

What Is The Tavern Video Network?

I don't see this hobby of ours, gaming, old school gaming in particular, as a "Zero Sum" proposition. Just because you bought Hyperborea, doesn't mean you won'y grab a copy of the new Continual Light when it releases. Just because you watched a video on the Tenkar's Tavern Youtube Channel doesn't mean you won't watch JoetheLawyer's latest video. Actually, if you enjoyed one, you'll probably enjoy the other.

That is where the idea for The Tavern Video Network came from. Initially, it was thought of as a way to highlight the video channels of my various co-host on the regular livestreams - Glen, Joe and Matt all have channels of their own, and Rob and Bad Mike are considering their own channels. What a great way to highlight everyone and support the creation of more gaming related videos, we all thought :)

I had considered the possibility of adding other creators to the network when Joe Bloch PMed me this morning and asked how he could get involved. Which simply tells me this idea was well overdue.

The Tavern Video Network will be a one stop location highlighting what each creator thinks was their best, or most interesting, video from the prior week and a brief write up of what their channel is about. It's a Substack page/newsletter, which means you can go to the page directly on your own, or be reminded by a weekly newsletter. We will never charge for this service, and the game plan is a weekly mailing over the weekend (likely Sundays), with rare middle-of-the-week newsletter if there is REALLY BIG news.

Editorial and content control will remain in the hands of the individual creators. This is simply a cooperative of sorts to get everyone seen and heard.

Anyhow, as of this coming weekend we'll be up to five channels, as Joe Bloch's channel will be added to the mix.

The Tavern Video Network

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