Monday, September 12, 2022

Kickstarter - Black God's Kiss RPG Box Set (OSE & 5e)

A perilous adventure unearthing the dark arcana behind Sword & Sorcery’s iconic tabletop roleplaying game.

It's rare to find a boxed set offered for an RPG, let alone an RPG setting. The Black God's Kiss is exactly that - a boxed setting (and micro game) for OSE and 5e. Color me intrigued. Also, show me as a backer, as this is the stuff I truly want to see.

59 bucks for the core boxed set, 89 bucks for the deluxe boxed set.

Black God’s Kiss is a perilous setting playable as an RPG module compatible with both 5e and Old School Essentials (OSE)—or as a standalone microgame for two players—with custom rules for Loss of Humanity, and streamlined mechanics for enduring cosmic horror in an eldritch pocket dimension.

Based on the fantasy fiction of C.L. Moore, who stands as one of the great sword & sorcery and weird tale authors of the early 20th century, the box set contains everything you need to delve into the star-lit realm of the Black God—explore forbidden ruins, encounter wretched creatures, and retrieve a weapon of dreadful power ... the Black God’s Kiss!

Undertaking an expedition in this pocket dimension will tax your body, your mind, and threaten the very nature of your soul. To survive, you must carefully make choices—managing your own humanity as a limited resource which diminishes by the hour. To succeed, you must not only confront the Black God, but the darkest recesses of your own shadow self.

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  1. Doesn't hurt that Moore's one of the best authors of her era, easily up there with Howard and Lovecraft in the field of weird fantasy/horror.


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