Sunday, September 18, 2022

I Got Called Out at Work this Week

I Got Called Out at Work this Week
This last week one of my co-workers tried making fun of RPGs (in general) and I mockingly took offense, which elicited a huge "NNNNNEEEEEEEEERRRDD!" in response. 

Yes, I know I'm a Nerd/Dork/Dweeb.....but just because I sling dice on the weekends?

I do plenty of other shit that qualifies me to be a Nerd....yeah, I'm just going to stick with Nerd as my preferred put-down. OK, I do go to NTRPG every summer since I've been at this job. My co-workers think I cosplay......WTF?

Now I work with a bunch of Active-Duty Soldiers and Retired Vets at a military course, so there's a few well-deserved stereotypes in the workplace and Nerds/Dorks aren't generally considered one of them, but it should!

Nerd, Dork, Geek Chart

Seriously.....Monday morning is normally a bunch of talk about the weekends' games. Lots of stats, specifics on individual players, and even what sounds like some role-play when it comes to things like Fantasy Football. It really doesn't let up much Tuesday to Friday...

We are coming into fall so now it's football, but soon we'll be adding hunting into the mix and there's still some fishing to be had....oh and the weather is still good for golf.

Actually, on review of the appropriate chart my coworkers would probably classify as Geeks or Nerds since I wouldn't consider any of them as "Socially Inept". Probably not even a little bit.

Anyway, back to my accuser, that effer followed up with "Well I actually used to like RPGS." Oh really, what kind?

"Baldur's Gate"

Geek Hierarchy

Oh for fuck's sake. If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone equate table-top RPGs with a computer game......well I wouldn't have to be in a workplace to hear this BS one more time...

While I do own the hobbies that bring me joy, it grates on me after a while that I get a light ribbing...if I'm lucky, or the occasional medium harassment, from people that have their own thing that brings them happiness. That they can't see that they're just the same as me, just with different shit.

Except Furries.....they've just got problems.

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  1. At least they're trying to connect with you? That's all I got in the realm of positivity... except, enjoy what you love ❤️ !!!


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