Monday, September 19, 2022

Humble Bundle - 3d Printable Dungeons, Creatures, & More by Fat Dragon Games

I have some experience with Fat Dragon 3d Printable Terrain, having run The Mouth of Doom level of Rappan Athuk at a number of conventions in the late teens for Frog God Games. They are both lighter and cheaper than Dwarven Forge products (which are amazing), the only drawback (which is also a selling point) is that you need to have your own 3d printer (or know someone that does and is cool with printing out stuff for you). As I seem to be saying a lot these days - someday I'll be one of the cool kids ;)

For 18 bucks you get a literal unlimited (well, limited by your source material of plastic, but in theory, unlimited) amount of various terrain, creatures, and decorative items for your dungeons and ruins with the 3d Printable Dungeons, Creatures, & More Bundle from Fat Dragon Games

And I MAY just have figured out where to fit a 3d printer in this room. Time to take measurements...

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