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End of the Game Year 2022 (Long Live 2023!)

End of the Game Year 2022 (Long Live 2023!)
Now I do not know about your neck of the woods, but where I am school started last week. GenCon was last weekend (quick aside, I really haven't seen any post GenCon drama this year...am I blind, or was it all just front-loaded this time?) which, to me, means that this year's Convention Season is officially over for 2022.

Yes, we do have gaming conventions still for this calendar year (Long Con anyone?), but I relate the gaming calendar a lot like the school year or the government's fiscal year in that they don't line up with the calendar year.....any convention happening for the rest of the calendar year occurs in next year's gaming year.

OK, so opinions and semantics aside, the end of the year should require end of the year type...."stuff". Last year I posted about post-convention letdown. Last year I was an unemployed "bum" who had been hired for the job I'd been fired from before I'd been fired and I was just waiting to start (same job, new employer and the old employer was fighting the handover......long, not-a-Tavern-story). Now that I'm gainfully employed, and into an appropriate, if not fully-set-up-space, it is time to do my personal end of year gaming review and start my plans for next, er this, gaming year.

Right now I'm only planning on attending one convention next year, North Texas RPG Con (link to the FB group). I might be able to squeeze in Long Con, but it's not something I can plan for yet until my work calendar has been finalized, which won't happen until October. I've already got my vacation request in for that con and I have my ticket purchased....so it's a done-deal in my book.

Right now my big plans for NTRPG is to remake my Whiskey Tasting Kits because I gave my old boxes away last year. I have my plans drawn out and *almost* all my components secured (I need to purchase new vials still) and I'm way ahead of schedule on purchasing the whiskey already. I have my 6 bottles already acquired, but until the kits are produced, I don't know if I can squeeze in a couple more bottles. My goal is to hopefully add another 1 or 2 vials and another kit or three to my larger tasting kit box. Last year the event was more popular than the first year's tasting and if I can make it a little bigger & better, well that's my goal.

I also have a few more projects planned, but most of those are not something I want to share 'cause I don't want to spoil the possible surprises. Some are personal pet projects and some are.... "professional"? 

Although I'm keeping most of these projects secret, I will probably share as they come along...within reason. I'm not going to post the Whiskey/Whisky being tasted next year because that'd ruin things. Also, I have a special work trip to another country coming up and if I manage to find enough "drink" from said country I might do a last minute swap....

Anyway, it's the end of the gaming year and I'm encouraging YOU to take stock of the last year and at least make some loose plans for next year. Remember the 6P's: prior proper planning prevents poor performance.

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