Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Kickstarter - Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland "Total Carnage Edition"

Continuing the Kickstarter streak, we now come to Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland "Total Carnage Edition".

So, what exactly is Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland "Total Carnage Edition"? We will need to go to the Kickstarter copy for this, as I don't think my wording would suffice.

A gonzo vomit-punk post apycolyptic cassette futurism table top RPG. A visceral mash-up of 80s/90s pop culture mixed in a grimdark blender and barfed onto the table! Siskel and Ebert would give Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland two big thumbs down! For fans of The Toxic Avenger and all the sleazy over the top late night sci-fi/horror you can handle! Here is the original write up from the 1st printing Kickstart:

Ultra-Violent, and style matters tabletop RPG, that builds off of the “BX” rules. Half Medieval Fantasy half Sci-Fi, neon lords of the toxic wasteland is a no-holds-barred to the max game! Oozing 80's and 90's nostalgia the game features items from Ninja Stars to Fanny packs in addition to many references to the era.

In addition to being built on top of the 'BX" rules, the core rules use an ability class points system and fortune points which grants the player some flexibility in dire rolls.

So, built on B/X means I can use this with any OSR ruleset of my choice and convenience. I missed this the first time around. I'm in on the rebound ;)

Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland Quickstart Rules

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