Monday, June 13, 2022

Satine Phoenix throws her husband Jamison Stone under the Bus - A Lesson About Poorly Protecting Revenue Streams

I've covered this mostly on the YouTube Channel side of things, but the Jamison Stone / Satine Phoenix "bag of shit" has reached a new apex, with Satine firmly throwing her husband under the bus.

Sadly, people like this are firmly entrenched in the larger gaming conventions in the gaming industry. It's something that needs to change. Special Guests should be at conventions because of their accomplishments in the gaming industry, not because of the number of social media followers.

I have some ideas kicking around as to how to accomplish this. I need to think further about it.

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  1. The RPG Community has a LARPing problem. People LARPing as those who give a crap about RPGs, when they're really just out to be the most famous people in a small pond, build a brand and pretend to be famous. I think thats all there is too it for al to of people, they found this relatively small community and had enough talent to become marginally "famous" and use it to fuel their egos and delusions of grandeur. The ability to stream games on twitch has given many people the opportunity to live out their fantasies of being like the TV Stars of their childhoods, put on fairly polished productions where they and friends can act silly and build an audience and make money from it.

    If they could do it some other way, I think they would. I think the reason its RPGs, and 5E specifically is critrole kinda got the ball rolling with it and everyone is chasing it. Its a really weird situation when you look at the metrics of streaming. There are so many other things you could stream and have more viewers with, including video games that came out like 15 years ago. CritRole carries 95% of the viewer hours per month, and everyone else who streams takes the rest of those tiny tiny margins. 5E is kind of the cool kids club, so its also about chasing clout and being in the right circles, not so much about the game.

    I admit, I stream Castles & Crusades, its a low-buck thing intended for friends, I don't really promote our channel, the success we've had has been pure dumb luck. That said, I know quite a few streamers at the bottom of that ladder, and I recently realized it wasn't about the love of RPGs, it was being in the cool kids club. OSR type streams are rare, but Jay Scott is pretty damn successful, Troll Lord Games buries 90% of 5e streamers just with Steve rambling about Aliens twice a week. When they game, they're often the third or fourth biggest streams on twitch. I pointed this out to a 5E streamer, and they did not want to see the idea that hey.. Maybe you'd be better off as an OSR streamer, when they admit they kinda liked playing AD&D and CNC better. But stepping outside of that would put them outside the cool club.

    And that is a lot of the 5E community right now. Its an excuse to pretend to be a TV Celebrity,
    act a fool and have a tiny audience and be "cool." And its so damn small, you can go from a nobody, to a somebody in a tiny sphere. I mean.. Me? I am one person away from being able to contact damn near anyone in the industry. And I really am a nobody, that just goes to show how small the community it is. Its a small neighborhood, not a bustling city.

    1. Really appreciate the shout out in your post! I agree wholeheartedly that Old School is tough when it comes to live streaming, but that does not mean that others cannot find their niche, as I have been able!

  2. It seems to me, Satine has a habit of attaching herself to bad people. Which makes me wonder about her.

  3. When will people learn that you treat people well. Being a good person is more important than being a famous person.

  4. Her 'apology' is the same template used by all of those self-important 'Influencers'. Yawn. Gaming should never ever allow those type of people in our midst. We are gamers, designers, artists and creators, not wannabe 'stars' sponging money from the hobby. When this happened, I completely wasn't surprised. I expect the others like her to do the same...

  5. I know this sounds crazy, but why not have actual old school game designers be the guests at these shows? Imagine the great stories they could tell about the early days of gaming and how they came up with the games they designed? Just a thought...


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