Sunday, May 15, 2022

A Sunday Post By Not "Not Erik" ;)

I'm sure most of you expect to see Chris writing today's post. I know I look forward to it every week. Chris had to take today off, as he is traveling home followed by traveling away from home, things that those of us (well, not me) often have to cope with due to work responsibilities.

Today, I thought I'd mention how big a favor Chris does for me every week, and has been doing for years, ever since I was hospitalized in 2020 with Congestive Heart Failure. I've known Chris for a number of years, and he understands my compulsion to have a daily post (as well as video) up at The Tavern. Before my bout with illnesses in 2020 and my trifecta of hospitalizations, I hadn't missed a day of blogging in years. When life and fate lined up to end that streak, Chris reached out to me and gracefully stepped in to shoulder the load. It wasn't just a favor for me, but it was a favor for each one of you too.

For far too long this blog had only one voice and Chris showed me how important it was to ensure I was not the only voice heard. Sure, I had guest posters on occasions, but Chris is the only one to step in with his own voice that also felt 100% comfortable and true to The Tavern. Chris and his posts belong here as much as I do. If I'd known earlier what a great addition he would become, I'd have invited him years before The Year of Trials ;)

I've been toying for the last year with the idea of handing off Wednesday's regular posting to another. I haven't found such yet, but Chris has proven on a weekly basis that such an addition could only make The Tavern an even better place.

Thank you Chris, and thank you to all the readers. 2022 will be a big year at The Tavern, and when the time is right we'll have some announcements you should enjoy.

Oh, and Chris should return next week :)

Note: Above art by Fugli

Tenkar Not "Not Erik"

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