Thursday, May 19, 2022

Write Up Jus'Tinlau the Master Baker of Clan Nassa and You Could Receive a $25 DTRPG GC

Fugli has been gifting The Tavern with unique artwork for a while now. I am always impressed by his work, and his latest piece even includes a 3d file for the figure to have your own Jus'Tinlau the Master Baker of Clan Nassa.


So, we are doing another giveaway.

What do you need to do?

Write up Jus'Tinlau the Master Baker of Clan Nassa. Justin is an Ogre, but you can stat him out as you would like, using the OSR system of your choice. Write a paragraph or three describing his motivations and goals, and I'll use him as the BBEG for an off-the-grid adventure for this year's NTRPG Con. The adventure will also be shared here at The Tavern and likely published in a future issue of Torchlight.

The best entry (enter by leaving a comment below) will be awarded a $25 DTRPG GC and co-author credit on the adventure when published. (Note, by entering you agree to have your entry potentially published in a future issue of Torchlight)

Enter by 1159 PM, Sunday, May 22, 2022, to have your entry considered. The winner will be announced Monday, May 23, 2022.

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  1. Jus'Tinlau the Master Baker of Clan Nassa

    AC: 4 (15) HD: 6+3 Attacks: Rolling Pin (1d6)
    Special: Pie Toss. Sanctimonious Blather. Move: 12
    Sanctimonious Blather. Saving Throw or be so into his speech that you are unable to act next turn.
    Pie. 1/day. If it hits, target is stuck and unable to move next turn.

    Clan Nassa has long been an outcast, but Jus'Tinlau has decided to bring respect back to his clan. Wanting to do so, he stole award-winning recipes and recreated them in his own bakery. He sells them to his loyal Stooges.

    The 3 Stooges - Kaz'timsh - last seen ripping fliers off the town board, Guerrehet - Gets into shouting matches at the bar. Wit'an - Writing treatises while enjoying his special brew of mind-altering substances.

    Wanting to reclaim their recipes, the other clans send a delegation to retrieve them. Having forgotten that he stole the recipes, he believes they are rightfully his. Shocked at what he views as a betrayal, he hastens to sell his pies at the market. His goal of gaining riches, and thus respect, causes him to loudly advertise himself, gaining enemies along the way. Ironically, the more enemies he gets the more sure of himself he gets.


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