Friday, April 15, 2022

Kickstarter - Swords of Cthulhu (OSR Rules Expansion)

Bring Lovecraftian horrors to your old-school RPG with this rules expansion.

I've known Joe Bloch / The Greyhawk Grognard for a number of years. I first met Joe in person at the release of Gygax Magazine Issue #1 at the Brooklyn Strategist back in January of 2013 (has it already been over 9 years? Damn!) Joe's knowledge of Greyhawk is second to none, and I've thoroughly enjoyed the various releases he has issued under the BRW banner.

Swords of Cthulhu is Joe's current Kickstarter, and it is the one I find myself the most excited about (and I've backed them all). I always enjoy myself a little Dark Ones in my fantasy gaming, and I expect Joe will hit the mark with his latest offering.

Swords of Cthulhu is already written. The Kickstarter funds will pay for editing and art. You can back for the PDF version for 10 bucks, POD plus PDF is 15 (plus about 9 bucks for the POD itself).

Joe Bloch will be the special guest on next Wednesday's Talking Crit Livestream.

The book features:

  • Two new character classes; the scholar and the cultist, with multiple specialty cults, each with unique powers and spells
  • Two new character races; the deep one hybrid and the degenerate
  • New secondary skills, including technology of other times and worlds
  • New insanity rules, building on existing saving throw mechanics
  • Over 150 new spells
  • Nearly 30 new monsters
  • More than 30 new magic items, including Mythos grimoires
  • Tips on adding Lovecraftian horror to a fantasy-style campaign
  • Everything is completely modular, and designed to be used or not used as you see fit for your campaign.

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